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4 Fall Energy Savings Tips and Projects

Fall’s coming. Soon enough, stores will switch their inventory to meet your needs.

And who knows? With the COVID variants coming into play, you may find yourself at home much more than your employer currently thinks.

If that’s the case this fall and winter, that means more energy use.

Even if that doesn’t happen, you’re still wise to save energy. So what’re the top energy efficiency tips and projects you should think about this fall?

Here’s what to consider:

1. Sealing Air Leaks

We talk about it a lot on this blog. And that’s for good reason. Your HVAC system uses the most energy in your home.

So, it only makes sense to keep as much of that conditioned air in your home as possible.

And your home’s air envelope can change. Critters may find a way into your home, opening up more cracks.

Your home’s foundation can settle slowly over time. Wood can twist and warp.

Plus, do you know about “stack effect?”

Most homeowners don’t.

It’s when hot air rises in your home because the indoor temperature is much warmer than the outdoor temperature.

This then causes that precious heater air to flow out of your home through your attic. And many homeowners don’t counteract this effect with a sealed attic or attic door.

2. Insulate Your Water Heater

Now this one is easy. If you have a newer water heater, it’s probably already insulated.

But, your older one probably isn’t.

Fortunately, you don’t need to be a DIY genius to do this project.

You can get a simple water heater blanket/insulating kit from your local department store.

Such a kit costs around $20 and gives you a 7-16% annual savings on your hot water use!

3. Give Your Fireplace a One Over

Fireplaces are wonderful to enjoy with family and friends. But they’re a mortal enemy of energy savings.

If you monitor yours, though, it actually won’t cause that much harm to your energy efficiency.

For starters, keep the damper closed whenever you don’t use your fireplace.

Also consider purchasing fireplace grates. These help you push cool air outside and keep warm air inside.

4. Simple Appliance Tweaks

Just turning a knob makes a big difference on your energy bill!

Make sure to turn your refrigerator’s energy-saving setting on, if you haven’t already.

Take your water heater’s temperature down to at least 120 degrees.

When you wash your body, hands, or clothes, use warm or cold (but not hot) water.

Well, that’s really about it. Fortunately, winters don’t get too brutal here in Texas. So we don’t have as much to worry about as Northern states.

Happy energy savings!

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