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4 DIY Projects To Help You Save Energy…And Money!

Governor Abbott has issued the order that local officials can now make you shelter-in-place.

Bars, restaurants, and gyms have been closed. The size of public gatherings has been limited.

Your workplace may have forced you to work from home…or laid you off entirely.

So right now, you might have some extra time on your hands. And you might be wondering what to do with yourself.

Well, why not do like many other Americans and take care of a much-needed DIY project around your home?

And in this case of course, we’re talking about projects that save you energy and money.

So, if that fits your situation, here’s what to consider:

1. Save $178 Per Year with a Simple Computer Power Management System

You’ve heard us mention this before in general. But now we’ll get a little more specific.

Put all your computer technology on a single power strip so you can turn it all off with just a flip of a switch.

Set your computers to go into sleep mode if inactive for 15 minutes during the day. And consider a smart power strip, which turns off all your computers if they all go into hibernate at the same time.

2. Seal Your Home a Little Better

Look…finding all the air leaks from your home and into the outside world can be challenging even for experienced professionals.

Good news: you don’t have to get them all to experience significant energy savings.

To seal your most common leaks, start with caulking around your windows.

Look for places where wiring and plumbing enter and exit your home, or penetrates into either your basement or attic.

You can get a few tubes of caulk and a few cans of expandable foam for around $50.

It’s hard to project your true savings, unless you have a professional test your home (which then knocks out your savings).

But, a reasonable guesstimate would be around $100 – $200 saved in a year.

3. Use Electric Mattress Pads to Save Around $186

Electric blankets use energy like no one’s business! Avoid those.

Electric mattress pads, on the other hand, use only about .15 kWH per night!

Use those to heat yourself during the night and you’ll feel a lot more comfortable…but you’ll be fine keeping your furnace off!

They do cost around $100 or so. That’s a higher up-front cost.

But, you can easily win back the savings during just a single heating season.

Is there anyone who wouldn’t agree with this as a DIY energy savings project?

Saving energy and money doesn’t have to be hard…or practically involve torturing yourself.

You can save energy and money without a lot of work.

And now you know how!

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