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3 Ways to Save Energy By Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

When carbon dioxide gets released into our atmosphere, it amplifies the greenhouse effect and warms it up.

So clearly, the less carbon dioxide you can let out, or the more you can remove, the cooler our atmosphere remains.

Wide debate on this topic exists. It could be that carbon emission’s causing global warming and, if left unregulated, could cause our planet to get so hot that it becomes uninhabitable.

But, it could also be that this has all just become measurable for the first time in human history. And truthfully, we don’t know the real impact of carbon released into the atmosphere.

However, wouldn’t it be wisest to simply release as little as possible and be as conservative with your energy as you can…just in case?

Take a minute to understand the top causes of carbon release into our atmosphere, and what personal habits you can change to save energy and reduce your carbon footprint:

1. Electricity Use is the Biggest Cause of Carbon Emission

Your personal electricity use is only part of the issue. The other main part is how the electricity you use gets produced.

37% of electricity gets produced by coal power plants. 20% comes from nuclear power plants.

However, nuclear power plants release 90% less carbon than coal power plants to produce the same amount of electricity.

So, where you can you reduce your electricity usage so those coal plants don’t have to work so hard?

Every little change you make adds up.

2. Diesel And Gas Used for Transportation

Cars, buses, airplanes, boats, and trains and their use of diesel and gas is the second-leading cause of carbon emission.

As other nations modernize (remember that many people around the world do not own a car), their citizens will begin using older fuel-inefficient cars.

So, how can you reduce your reliance on gasoline? Can you buy an electric car? Can you take the city bus or ride your bike? Or, can you simply plan more efficient travel routes?

3. Industrial Processing

This one falls largely out of your hands. By “industrial processing,” we mean producing cement, iron, steel, and chemicals.

Can you avoid household chemicals? Could you make your own instead? Can you avoid using iron or steel products and instead use alternatives?

Again, this one is much harder. But, any way you can change makes a difference.

So yes. You can reduce your carbon footprint. And not only do you save yourself energy, but you help the planet too. And that’s something to feel good about.

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