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3 Energy Savings “Tips” That Don’t Actually Save You Money

It’s one of those rare times in your life, and hopefully the only one, where you need to put every last dollar you can in your pocket.

Who knows how long this coronavirus pandemic will last?

Some people say it will be over in a couple weeks. Others say it’ll last until the end of the summer. And still others say it’ll go away for a while, but then come back again in late fall or maybe even spring of next year.

In other words, no one really knows. So as a wise consumer, you know it makes sense to start saving now because that gives you the best chance of security in an uncertain future.

And unfortunately, some energy savings myths still abound. Where they start, who knows? But somehow, they do spread around.

With these so-called “tips,” the fact remains that you either don’t save any money at all, or not nearly as much as you think. So here’s what to avoid:

1. Fans Cool Rooms

They don’t. Not at all. Fans do absolutely nothing to cool your home. They only push air around.

However, when they blow on you, they make you feel cooler.

Leaving fans on when you’re not physically present to feel them cooling you only wastes energy.

But, when you turn them on and have them blowing air on you, you don’t need to have your AC on.

So, when used that way, they can save you quite a bit of energy because your HVAC system is your home’s biggest energy user.

2. Raising Your Thermostat Heats Your Home Faster

Sure seems logical, doesn’t it?

But your HVAC system doesn’t work that way. Your HVAC system always uses just as much energy to achieve any temperature you set.

However, when you set a higher temperature, it takes your HVAC system longer to get there. So, it uses more energy than it would when set to a lower temperature.

Plus, when you set your heat higher, your AC may also kick in to cool your home down. A double-whammy!

So, just set your HVAC to the temperature you want and leave it there.

3. Closing Vents in Unused Rooms Saves Energy

This one actually works exactly the opposite of what you want and costs you serious energy.

Closing vents only redirects airflow in your home. However, this also raises air pressure inside your home, which causes your HVAC system to work harder and use more energy.

You simply don’t save money by cutting off air flow to certain rooms throughout your home.

So make sure you don’t make those mistakes. And instead, put more money in your pocket so you have what you need to make it through.

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