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The 2018 Guide to Valentine’s Day Energy Savings

Imagine this:

You’ve spent weeks planning an awesome Valentine’s Day surprise for your sweetheart.

She’s never going to forget this one! You have no doubt about that.

After weeks of anticipation, the big day is finally almost here.

She knows something is coming too. But she’s not sure what.

At last, with both of you in the dining room, candles lit, and the lights dimmed, you drop it on her:

You reveal your awesome 2018 energy savings plan that’s going to put a couple hundred bucks back in your wallets!

…Okay, so that’s totally not how Valentine’s Day goes. And if yours goes that way, you get free counseling. For life. From the world’s leading experts.

But hey, we can still connect Valentine’s Day and energy savings. Because it’s something important to keep on your mind year round. Just make sure you go all-out to give your sweetie a great day:

1. Do a Candlelight Dinner

You could use gas to drive your car around town. But with a candlelight dinner, you go nowhere. You don’t even use any of your own home’s energy.Plus, it’s much more romantic than a dinner out. She’ll appreciate the thought more because you have to put more work into creating the whole evening.Just make sure you stay safe with the candles and put them out so they don’t start a fire!

2. Avoid Blow Dryers

Ladies, you can buy a low-wattage hair dryer that dries your hair just as well as any high-wattage one. You could even be amazingly economical and skip using a hair dryer entirely.

3. Enjoy an Evening in Front of Your Fireplace

Have a wood-burning fireplace? Put it to work! Turn off the lights and your television. Just enjoy your championship and watch the fire for some time.It’s so hard to find time where you can just relax and be present, isn’t it? Without any digital screens on either.

It’s more special than you think.

4. Energy-Efficient Gift Ideas

Now look, the focus on any gift you get for her must be on something special that shows you understand and appreciate her. But, you can certainly find her a gift that accomplishes that purpose – and saves some energy too.

How about a solar smartphone charger? What about a luxurious and soft fleece blanket that keeps her warm when you turn the thermostat down? Or how about cozy warm pajamas?

Remember, however you choose to save energy over Valentine’s, make sure you put her thoughts and feelings first. You may save a few bucks throughout the year. But a sound emotional investment in your spouse is worth far more than money can buy.

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