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The 2017 Christmas Energy Saver’s Guide

Christmas can be a great time to remember to use what you have wisely. We have one of the highest standards of living on earth. And we use our fair share of energy too.

Speaking of that energy, how do you make the most efficient use of it during the holidays?

Find out below:

This may be the easiest place to save energy. Many decorations today use solar power, so make sure you look for that option as you shop. And many of the lights have transferred to LED format, which is almost absurdly efficient.

You can also get an automatic timer so you save energy, and don’t keep everyone in the neighborhood up all night long like the Griswolds.

Think LEDs are efficient? They are. But fiber optic is even more efficient because it uses just a single bulb to pass light through a strand. The whole strand appears lit up, even though it’s just one bulb doing the work.

Now THAT’S efficiency!

Of course, you’re going to have to balance your candle usage with safety. You don’t want to start a fire.

Candles offer a mysterious, charming, and romantic tone. Simply consider where they might make more sense in your decorating scheme.

When you have more people in your home, they bring their body heat with them and radiate it throughout your house. So, you can turn down your thermostat to accommodate them, and to keep them a little more comfortable too.

Electric ovens use the most energy to cook. So if that’s what you have, be aware of the potential for inefficiency.

To make the most of your oven’s energy, make sure your pots and pans have lids on as they cook. Match your pots and pans to the size of the burner. Your range top actually uses less energy than your oven.

Consider grilling outdoors if it’s warm enough out. Set your oven to the exact temperature you must use because setting it to a higher one doesn’t heat it up any faster. Turn your oven off 15 minutes before the designated end cooking time. And place as many items in your oven at once.

Finally, use glass baking dishes when you can, as glass retains heat better than other materials. You can often reduce your cooking temperature 25 degrees without any negative effects on your food.

Saving energy during Christmas and New Year’s doesn’t have to be hard. And now you have a list of practical ideas you can implement.

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