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Top 3 Things You Don’t Know about Electric Bill Savings (Part 1)

As a consumer, you hear all kinds of things about electricity. Some are true. Others aren’t.

Sometimes you have a friend or relative who likes to talk about things they don’t know much about. Or power companies spread misinformation so they can increase their profits.

Things like these happen.

But you’d rather know the reality. That way you can make decisions or changes in your behavior that lead to true savings.

So see if one of these doesn’t clear up some confusing or something you’ve been wondering about with your electricity use lately:

1. Lighting’s An Easy Way to Save Energy

Truthfully, only about 10% of your home’s energy bill goes to the cost of your lighting (unless you really do some creative stuff with lights around your home).

If you have incandescent bulbs, you can reduce your lighting cost by 75% instantly by using CFLs.

LEDs offer further energy savings, but you have to be careful with how much you pay up front. You can find them on sale from time-to-time, and LEDs would give you the best energy efficiency (though they don’t offer as much savings over CFLs as CFLs do over incandescents).

2. Think About Using Your Landscaping to Cut Your Energy Costs

You have to be strategic and smart. But, you can cut your electric costs 5% annually, and remove more carbon dioxide from the air with deciduous trees.

Plant them around the east, south, and west sides of your home. In the summer, their leaves shield your home from the sun, which reduces the need for your AC to run. In the winter, their leaves fall off, which means the sun can shine on your home, and warm it up. That means your furnace doesn’t need to heat your home as much.

However, make sure you 100% understand the ramifications of what trees you plant and where.

You don’t want to plant a tree too close to your home. Its roots could hit your basement or foundation and cause cracks that require costly repairs. Or its branches could grow large and fall on your home in a decade or so.

You have to plant the right kind of tree the ideal distance from your home so these things don’t happen. Consult a landscaper and do extensive research before you make your final decision.

3. Seal Your Air Ducts for Spectacular Savings

In any home, even a newly built one, leaky air ducts are one of the biggest causes of energy loss. You can lose up to 20% of your home’s energy to this!
Fortunately, these leaks aren’t overly difficult to find. You’ll find your air ducts in your attic, crawl space, or basement. Run your HVAC system and feel for air leaking out. Use an incense stick and watch for smoke disturbances to find small leaks.

Then use mastic-type sealant (not duct tape) to patch up the problem.

Did you know those 3 things about saving on your electricity bills?

Put your new knowledge to use and find more cash in your bank account at the end of the month!

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