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Tint Your Home’s Windows (Yes Your Home) with Energy-Saving Film for Big Savings

You see tinted car windows and wonder, ”What’s that person got to hide?”

Well, believe it or not, windows with energy-saving film are becoming popular for homes. But, it’s not primarily for privacy (although it may be a nice side-benefit).

Consumers are beginning to add energy-saving film to their windows to reduce their energy consumption.

The Numbers Reveal Why This Works

A standard single-pane window rejects just 19% of the sun’s heat. That means more than 81% of it gets through.

Consider that we’re in a hot and sunny state here in Texas, and it’s easy to see why this could cost you quite a bit of energy.

Tinted windows reject 35-45% of the sun’s heat. But the energy-saving film we’re talking about rejects around 84%!

Are There Any Additional Benefits to Using Energy-Saving Film?

Too much sun entering your home can lead to uncomfortable hot and cold spots throughout your house.

However, you can practically kiss those goodbye with energy-saving film on your windows.

How Much Energy Can You Save?

30%. Now that’s a nice chunk! How much money would you save with a 20-30% lower energy bill each year?

What’s the Cost of Energy-Saving Film?

Compared to the time that it takes to pay for itself, the cost is low. Installing energy-efficient windows, for example, typically takes up to 10 years before those windows have paid for themselves. Frequently, that runs up to 15.

Film take just a few years. But that’s not even the most immediate advantage.

The greatest advantage is the material cost: energy-saving film costs about $5 per foot while replacement windows cost ten times more at $50 per foot.

Should You Use Energy-Saving Film on Your Windows?

Well, ultimately you have to make the choice. But as far as home energy reduction investments go, film has a fast payback.

And since it gets so sunny and hot here in Texas, you may even experience faster-than-average returns on your investment.

You may even be able to install the film yourself. Simply Google “sun protection film” or “residential window tinting” to find products and contractors.

…And don’t forget to enjoy your savings!

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