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The Top 4 Home Energy-Efficiency Apps

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just push a button and suddenly have the perfectly energy-efficient home?

Alas, we’re not there yet.

But, apps can provide you with data that reveals insights you didn’t previously have.

And here are some of our top choices for apps to help you get max energy savings in 2019 and beyond:

1. Sense Home Energy Monitor

Users love this one, as it gets a 4-star rating in Google’s Play app store.

Why’s it such a big deal?

For starters, it’s incredibly accurate, as it senses changes in your current and voltage an amazing one million times per second.

That means you’re operating from true insights so you can realize full savings.

It also compares the usage of your various appliances to usage rates harvested from other users in its database.

That helps you pinpoint possible energy leaks.

The one caveat is you have to purchase Sense’s bright orange box, which attaches to your home’s circuit breaker for $299.

2. Wiser Energy by Schneider Electric

Make sure you get the “Square D” edition of this.

It’s great for managing your solar energy efficiency.

You can get so meticulous, for example, that you can set custom alerts to notify you every time an appliance in your home turns on or off.

It also gives you real-time energy monitoring information in a user-friendly format.

This app’s actually in partnership with Sense, so you get access to highly reliable comparative data.

Like Sense, you have to buy a monitor that costs $274 or so.

3. Nest’s App

Nest thermostats rock, and they do carry a price tag. But you can get the simpler versions for $169.

They claim to pay for themselves within months though.

And their app tells you exactly how you use energy, how you compare to the national average, and what you can do to improve your energy savings even further.

It’s not whole-home though. It only applies to your HVAC system, which does represent your greatest opportunity for savings, however.

4. Pronto Power’s Home Energy Monitoring Software

This one’s actually not an app. It’s software you login to online.

But it does everything that all the above devices and apps do with one notable exception:

It’s free!

Your home simply needs a smart meter, which practically every home has, and then you get access to data that shows exactly how you use electricity.

Then, simply change your behavior.

Customers frequently realize 20-25% energy savings they didn’t have before when they use this app.

Software and devices represent the next great opportunity for energy savings.

Which makes the most sense for your needs?

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