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The Most Popular (And Unpopular) Ways to Save Energy

Some ways to save energy are quite fun and easy…and others, well, you can’t stand ‘em (and probably justifiably so).

So let’s get right to it:

1. The Most Unpopular Way to Save Energy

One power company that operates in more than 30 states collected 2.7 million survey responses. Out of all the tips posted, the only one that got more responses from Americans indicating they didn’t like it than those who did was hanging laundry to dry.


They didn’t know for sure. But, it’s a fairly awkward, time-consuming task. There’s many easier ways to save energy – and those certainly topped the list.

Do you feel like hanging your laundry to dry today?

…And that brings us to the most popular way to save energy:

2. Adjusting Your Thermostat

This one was the big winner. Yeah, it makes you a bit uncomfortable. But you can easily wear more or less clothes or sit under a blanket to compensate.

Americans, in general, don’t mind adjusting their thermostats. And heck, if you have one of today’s smart thermostats, you don’t even need to do this yourself.

3. Popular: Let Your AC Breathe

This one actually doesn’t require much maintenance (if any) on your part. Allowing vegetation to grow too tall around your AC unit prevents more air from getting across your condenser.

Basically, the heat from inside your home gets dumped outside and passed across the condenser. If less air flows out and over your condenser, less heat gets removed.

That warms up the whole cooling cycle, which forces your AC to work harder. And boom, that shoots up your costs.

You can trim the vegetation around your AC. Just don’t do it with any motor-operated machinery because it will flip the bits and pieces into your AC, which again slashes your efficiency.

You can also lay down gravel or wood chips to prevent growth.

4. Unpopular: Off-Peak Electricity Plans

These plans give you different electricity prices based on when you use your electricity. If you do this during lower usage hours, which happen anytime on weekends and during the weekdays from 6 pm – 8 am, you pay less.

Generally, prices run the most from 12 – 6 pm on weekdays.

Regardless, Americans don’t like to do this. Maybe the inconvenience in rearranging their schedules becomes too obnoxious.

5. Keep The Sun Out

This one’s actually quite easy and affordable, which likely explains its popularity. Simply install light-colored, reflective blinds. Then, remember to close them during the day to keep the sun out.

If you’re not happy with the blinds you have, you can easily buy new ones online from companies that allow free returns.

You can also get heat-control window film, which has the same effect and is easy to install. You might also consider awnings and outdoor plants.

And if you’re really serious, consider light-colored furniture that doesn’t soak up the sun.

So yes, some ways to save energy win more attention than others. And now you understand which…and why.

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