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Save a Few Jacksons with This President’s Day Energy Savings Guide

Quick quiz: what bill does Alexander Hamilton appear on?

It’s not the $1 bill.

That’s George Washington.

It’s not the $5 bill.

That’s Abraham Lincoln.

The face on the front of the $10 bill is…[cue drum roll]…Alexander Hamilton.

While he founded the United States financial system, he never actually became a US president (although most Americans believe so when asked).

But he was appointed the first United States Secretary of the Treasury by George Washington, our nation’s first president. And believe it or not, Washington didn’t even really want to be president. Ironically, his unconcern to be in power ended up helping him get elected.

Our nation’s forefathers were highly skeptical of powerful individuals because of their experiences with the king of England. So, they figured, who better to put in power than a proven leader who didn’t have much ambition to be president?

Washington turned out to be a fine president. Since his time, presidents Woodrow Wilson, William Howard Taft, Theodore Roosevelt, and John F. Kennedy have been among those who have seen the most political and social change.

And you can bet that if they were alive here in 2018, they would certainly be on board with saving energy. Here are some ways they might have chosen to save energy if still alive today:

1. Using Solar Energy Where Possible

Okay, so maybe using solar panels is outside the range of affordability for many Americans. But prices are coming down fast, and it could be affordable on a wide scale in a few years.

If solar panels are too much of an investment for you now, think about small ways you can use solar. For example, if you have exterior lighting, you can easily get lights that use mini solar collectors to gather and store energy. If you have some money in the bank, you could even install a solar collector to power your water heater.

2. Turning Off Small Appliances When Not in Use Saves You a Few Andrew Jacksons

President Jackson appears on the $20 bill. By turning off your DVR, video game systems, small appliances, TV, and chargers, you avoid vampire energy drain. By the end of the year, you’ll put a family meal or two back into your wallet.

3. Landscape Your Home to Use the Sun to Your Advantage

The sun rises in the east, rotates around to the south, and then sets in the west. So, plant deciduous trees on the south side of your home.


They keep their leaves in the warmer months, which blocks the sun from heating your home. And then they lose those leaves in the winter, which allows the sun to shine through and heat your home.

Down go your heating and cooling costs!

…Just make sure you consult with an experienced landscaper so you don’t plant a tree too close to your home. That could lead to limbs falling on your house years in the future. Roots could also break up your foundation.

How will you save energy this year? Those are some ideas that past presidents would have loved.

Use them to inspire your new energy savings efforts in 2018.

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