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How to Stay Cool in Texas in October

No complaints for two years running - Pronto PowerThe weather certainly gets cooler here in Texas in October. But it can still be a tad steamy, and especially so in the earlier part of the month.

But because October finally cools down (at least some anyway), keeping cool is a bit easier than it is during the summer.

Here’s what you might do to stay cool during October:

1. Go For a Swim

Ahh. Finally! You can go to the swimming pool without getting fried by the hot Texas sun.

Many lakes, rivers, beaches, and the like remain open during the coronavirus pandemic here.

Not every one is open. But you still have plenty of opportunity. And the weather usually stays warm enough to keep the water reasonably decent for swimming.

2. Visit a State Park

Not only can state parks have somewhere to swim, but, you can also hike under dense foliage that protects you from the sun too.

So, while it may require some physical strain on your part, you won’t necessarily need to work so hard that sweat comes pouring down.

And you can do super-light activities like bird-watching.

Plus, hiking keeps you naturally at a far distance from others…a bonus during the coronavirus pandemic.

3. When You Do Need to Cool Down Quickly…

Your body’s best cooling points are your wrists and neck. So that means if you apply a cold ice-pack there, you’ll feel cooler far faster than you would if you applied the ice-pack to one of your temples.

So on those days where the Texas heat stubbornly insists on hanging around, you now have a quick-and-easy formula for getting cool again.

4. Let’s Go Tubing!

Grab an ice cold beer and park your rear in a tube. Let the river do the hard work!

If you want things a little more active than that, but still want to stay cool, consider kayaking, canoeing, or paddle boating.

You do a little work. But not so much that you’ll feel exhausted afterwards.

5. Add Fruits and Veggies

The heavier the food, the more your body heats up. You surely love your BBQs. But the meat increases your body heat because it forces your body to do more work to digest.

Nothing wrong with eating meat. Just make sure you add vegetables (especially greens) and fruits to your meals.

That keeps you energized, cooler, and feeling light.

For October, that should keep you in good shape. November’s right around the corner, and you won’t have to worry so much about the Texas heat then!

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