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How to Save On Your Winter Heating Bills

It’s here. And it’s in full force.

Ok…so maybe we don’t get the brutal cold other parts of the country get.

But, it still gets more than cool enough to warrant heating your home. And since heating’s one of your largest energy costs, it makes sense to dedicate time to learning how to keep your heating costs down.

Let’s be honest…some energy savings tips are just not worth your time. For example…installing gaskets in your electrical outlets to block airflow from coming through.

You can do it if you want to. But what’s your energy savings going to be over the course of a year? $10? $15? $5?

Focus your time on these tips instead because they save you cash – and enough cash that it’s actually worth your time to implement them:

1. Keeping Your Heat at the Ideal Temperature

When you’re actually at home during the day, 72° is comfy. Aim for 68° if you can. To get your body used to the new temperature without causing yourself any noticeable discomfort, simply drop the temperature 1° per week.

If no one’s going to be home, or if it’s night, you should be fine at 58-60°. Plus, you can always add a layer of clothing if those temperatures don’t make you feel comfortable.

2. Control the Humidity

“It’s not the heat. It’s the humidity.” How many times have you heard that one during summer?

Well in winter, dry air pulls heat from your skin, which makes you feel colder. Before you turn up the heat, humidify your home to keep the humidity at 30-50% (wherever you feel comfortable).

To measure the humidity in your home, get a “hygrometer.”

You may not have heard of one. But they’re actually quite affordable.

3. Use Removable Caulk to Seal Air Gaps

You’ve heard talk about sealing your home’s “air envelope” on this blog and many others.

But one thing we’ve never mentioned is that you can use removable caulk to do the job.

Permanent caulk can be a pain to remove if you ever need to do it. And, someone was clever enough to make caulk you can easily remove if you want.

So consider using it to help seal your home’s air envelope.

4. Use Your Fireplace Selectively

Fireplaces are oh-so-charming. While they look beautiful and give you warm and fuzzy feelings, they’re energy savings thieves.

We’re not advocating for you to never use your fireplace. But do understand that they lose up to 80% of the heat they produce.

That’s incredible inefficiency!

So…just be aware of that and use your fireplace as you feel comfortable.

Don’t hear those winter energy savings tips all that often, do you? It’s hard to find new ones because saving energy is all the rage these days.

But hopefully, those helped. Enjoy the additional money you save!

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