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How to Save Big Money and Energy on Space Energy Consumption

Have you ever heard the term “space energy consumption?”

Do you know what it refers to?

Hint: it has nothing to do with outer space.

Instead, it refers to how the “space” available in your home minimizes or maximizes energy use.

For example, two homes of exactly the same size and layout can use vastly different amounts of energy. One home could use 75% less energy than the other (no exaggeration).

And this can apply to brand-new homes too. Not all contractors build new homes with perfect energy efficiency. And some show energy efficiency no concern at all.

Here’s some ways to check and minimize your space energy consumption costs:

1. Insulation

Analyzing your insulation is hard work that’s difficult to understand. You may need a pro’s help to get an accurate understanding of how yours affects your space energy consumption.

Do you have insulation where you need it? Do you have the right kind and amount? How old is your insulation? Does it actually insulate as well as it should?

One easy check is to look at your attic’s insulation. It should come to the top of your floor joists.

You should also have the right R-value insulation, which is hard to calculate. This guide can help you.

2. Seal Your “Air Envelope”

Imagine your home being perfectly sealed off such that no cracks or crevices allow any air out or in.

It’s impossible to have a perfect air envelope. However, you can check yours for larger cracks that you can seal off for instant savings.

Simply light a candle or incense stick. Do this on a non-breezy day so the wind leaking into your home doesn’t affect your judgment.

Then, as you see the flame flicker or smoke blow, you know you’ve identified a leak to the outdoors. Then, seal off the crack to the best of your ability.

3. Calculate the Right Size HVAC System for Your Home

Contractors, unfortunately, frequently don’t get this one right. That’s why, if you need a new HVAC system, it makes sense to go with a company with extensive experience and a superb reputation. Typically, they’ll understand how to calculate this accurately.

Yes, it’s no small investment to make if you end up needing a new HVAC system. But, at least you’ll know a major improvement you can make.

Get a free quote from a contractor after researching their reputation. Then, ask them tough questions about determining the right size HVAC system for your home.

You can save big (and help the environment too) when you learn how to keep your space comfortable in the most efficient way possible. And hopefully, this post has given you the information you need to understand how to do just that.

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