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How to Be Cool in Dallas in November

You’ve probably read some of our blog posts on how to stay cool in Dallas in the recent hotter months.

Thank goodness it’s finally cooling down!

So staying cool isn’t all that hard anymore.

However, maybe you’re not sure what to do with yourself and your family while COVID-19 runs amok for a bit yet.

Well, fortunately we’re not the type to let even COVID-19 completely shut us down. So here’s some stuff you can do in the cooler November air in Dallas:

1. Dallas Zoo

All you need is masks for everyone in your family over 10 years old and a reservation that you book online ahead of time.

And then the Dallas Zoo is all yours!

It offers more than 2,000 animals including beautiful birds, elephants, zebras, gorillas, and penguins, among many others.

Plus, you can feed lettuce to the giraffes!

2. Old Mill Inn

How about having award-winning chicken-fried steak while being part of a lighthearted murder mystery?

Sounds like an odd combo at first. But Old Mill Inn does just that and delivers you a night of entertainment unlike any you’ve experienced before.

As you eat your delicious dinner, professional actors surround you and make you part of the show. Are you an investigator or the suspect?

From the moment you arrive, you’re allowed to lie to other guests about your personal life as much as you want.

The only rule? Have fun!

3. Drive-In Movie Anyone?

Drive-in movie theatres were a thing of the past…

But give anything long enough, they say, and eventually it comes back in style again!

Dallas actually has a large selection of drive-in movie theatres, including Galaxy Drive-In, Coyote Drive-In, Brazos Drive-In, Fun Movie Grill, Car Baret, Texas Theatre Sunset Drive-In, Dallas International Film Festival, Jasper’s Uptown, and Ida Claire.

With a long list like that, you’re sure to find something that entertains!

4. Shakespeare in the Park

William Shakespeare’s Macbeth gets an update from Dallas’ Shakespeare alfresco performances at either the Samuell-Grand Amphitheatre or The Sound at Cypress Waters.

But it’s Macbeth with a modern twist: instead tech companies rage against one another for ultimate control.

Both locations offer concessions and food on-site. And the performances are affordable, with tickets starting at $10.95.

So there you have it! 4 solid ideas to get outside of your home and into the cool air.

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