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8 Practically Unknown Energy Savings Tips

Feel like you read the same ol’ energy savings tips over and over?

You’re not alone. Simply search that phrase and you’ll find basically the same thing over and over.

But today, we have something special for you: unknown energy savings tips.

For example, have you ever considered using night vision goggles around your home and keeping the lights off at night?

Someone actually does that.

Maybe it won’t be your new norm. But hey, it could be fun to do something like that every once in a while, right?

If it’s outside of your affordability, no problem. Here’s some other cool energy savings ideas that you probably haven’t heard of:

1. Cook Everything You Need At Once

If you have to cook a lot, cook it all at once. It’ll save you the time of preheating your oven. And your oven does use a fair amount of energy.

2. Candle Light Date Night

Turn all the lights off and dial up the romance! Obviously, this one could come with additional benefits besides just the energy savings.

To up the amount of energy you save, have a meal that doesn’t require any cooking. Eat lots of cheese, for example.

3. Make Your Kids Pay for The Energy They Use

People are most likely to take action when things affect them personally. Give your child an allowance…and make them pay for the energy they use.

When they have less money, they’ll be much more likely to think about saving energy.

4. Defrost Food Using the Natural Way

Don’t use the microwave. Put your food out in the morning or the night before, depending on how long it needs to thaw.

Plus, you know it’ll be ready when you need it and you won’t have to wait for it to thaw in the microwave!

5. Block the Hot Tap

Simply put a cup over the hot water faucet. That way, you only use more energy-consuming hot water when you absolutely need to.

6. Optimize the Airflow Path in Your Home

You might need to do a little reading to make this one happen. But by closing and opening doors and windows, you can push the conditioned air through your home with the greatest ease.

You’ll feel cooler. And use less energy.

7. Compete with Your Neighbors

Have a good relationship with your next door neighbors? Compete with them to see who can use less energy in a quarter.

The loser buys dinner!

8. Only Run a Full Dishwasher

Never run a less-than-full dishwasher. That’s wasted energy.

Teenagers might make this hard to pull off. But remember, you can charge them for the energy they use.

How many of those have you heard of and used?

They’re certainly not the norm, are they?

Which one will you add to your energy savings arsenal?

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