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7 Interesting Ways to Save Electricity

Save. Save. Save!

Let’s see. Let me dig through our dusty old archives here and see if I can come up with any unique ways to save that maybe you haven’t heard before.

Ahh. Here’s a few:

1. Turn Off the Fans for Your Pet

I’m not saying to leave your pet uncomfortable. But I am saying that your pet may not need things as comfortable as you do. In fact, most pets are fine at 78-80 degrees.

So leave off the fan or AC if your home is around that temperature or less. And relax because you’re not doing your pet any harm!

2. Keep Your Vents Unblocked

This frequently happens in your home office. It may happen in other rooms of your home too. Check all the vents in your home and make sure they don’t have anything blocking them.

You want to feel that cool air.

3. Use Personal Assistants

Alexa and Google Home can easily be programmed to turn your smart devices on and off. You can make everything in your home smart.

That’s costly though. But if you have a few smart devices, including a smart thermostat, Alexa and Google Home can be a quick energy savings win.

4. Configure Your Device’s Brightness

Usually, the devices you own come set at a fairly high brightness setting. Most likely, this brightness is higher than you need.

So, make sure to adjust the brightness on TVs, tablets, laptops, and smartphones. Your phone also has an auto brightness feature that adjusts with the light available (which you can configure on or off).

5. Run Your Ceiling Fan in Reverse During Summer

In summer, you want your ceiling fan operating in reverse so it blows air on you that makes you feel cool. Note that this does not cool the temperature in your home. It simply helps you feel cooler so you don’t feel the need to run your AC.

Simply look on the unit and you should notice a switch you can flick to change the direction.

6. Clean Your Fridge

For most homeowners, the greatest cause of inefficiency in the fridge is food clutter. If your fridge has to cool food that’s no longer good, you’re letting some energy go to waste.

Clean it out and make sure you only have what you can eat.

7. Make Sure You Close Your Chimney Flue

Well, after all, you know Santa Claus won’t make a surprise visit! But more seriously, when it comes to saving energy, leaving your chimney open can lead to a large amount of waste.

Make sure you have it closed when not in use.

So there you have it…7 interesting ways to save electricity! Which surprised you?

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