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5 Benefits of Using Prepaid Electricity

Why would you choose prepaid electricity versus its postpaid counterpart?

There are actually many reasons why. Check five of them out below:

Save Money

This is what it’s all about with electricity, right? After all, you get exactly the same electricity no matter which company you choose. So, it only makes sense to pay as little as possible for that electricity.

Prepaid electric providers let you log in to software that monitors your electricity usage. Using this tool, you can see how you use electricity and learn how to reduce what you use over time.

When you know exactly how you’re using electricity at any given moment, you’re more likely to consciously make decisions that result in energy savings.

It’s common to see a 20% savings, and even more, when customers start tracking their usage.

No Contract

How many times in your life, whether you’re purchasing electricity or any other service, have you been given a pages-long contract? In whose favor do you think that contract works?

Since you pay for your electricity before you actually use it, there’s no need for a contract with prepaid electric plans.

This protects you from hidden fees. It also means that if you’re not happy with the Retail Electric Provider (REP) for any reason, you can switch over to a different one. And it also means the REP must deliver on its promises.

Not signing a contract puts you in a powerful position.

Simple and Low-Stress

As a typical American, you have enough stress in your life already, right? And you already have plenty of things to remember.

So, why choose a more complex post-pay electric plan whose goal is to confuse you and charge you more fees?

With a Combine prepaid electricity plan, life is much simpler. Just put any amount of money you can in your prepaid account. As long as you have just a single penny in your account by 1 PM each day, your electricity stays on.

And if you can’t pay for whatever reason, just contact customer service to create a payment plan!

No Deposit. No Credit Check. No ID Check.

A prepaid electric company doesn’t require a deposit. And they don’t need to do a credit check or ID check because you’ve agreed to pay for your electricity before you actually use it.

That might keep a few more points on your credit score. It certainly lets you keep a couple hundred more dollars in your bank account. And it prevents your private information from being seen by more eyes.

No Surprises

With postpaid electricity, you never know exactly what you’ll pay at the end of the month. And sometimes, these plans are intentionally designed to squeeze as much out of you as possible.

Prepaid electricity, however, gives you daily updates on your usage. These reports also tell you how much you spend. You also know exactly how much money you have left in your prepaid account.

So, when it comes to your electricity usage, you never have any surprises!

The bottom line is that Combine prepaid electricity plans make a lot of sense.

This reduces your stress and lets you focus on more important things in life. And best of all, you save more money!

Give Pronto Power a call at 1-844-621-2852 or contact us online to learn about how our prepaid electricity services can save you money today.

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