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5 Benefits of Smart Meters

Your smart meter…you probably never think about it. It’s kind of like the floor in your home.

It’s always there. It does its job. But you never really appreciate what it does for you.

And it does much more for you than you realize. Take a look at some of the top benefits of smart meters:

1. Help You Save Electricity

Smart meters allow for more detailed reporting on your electricity usage than ever before. Some REPs compile this information into online software so you can study exactly how you use electricity.

Even if they don’t, you still get more information on your usage than you could 20 years ago.

Simply take what you learn, change your behavior consciously and with intent each day, and watch your electric bill go down.

It’s something your parents didn’t have access to when you were growing up.

2. Save Money with More Accurate Billing

The most well-intentioned people make mistakes. And prior to smart meters, electric companies would sometimes estimate your monthly electricity usage.

Would you rather pay estimated charges or for what you actually use? And do you think electric companies estimated too low or too high?

Smart meters are accurate. And they don’t get tired and make mistakes like people do.

3. Start Your Service Faster and Protect Yourself

Smart meters allow you to change REPs, connect to their grid, and have live electricity in under an hour!

How long did it take to do the same exact thing when you were a kid?

Note how you can use this to your advantage. Don’t sign a contract with your REP. Then, if they’re not treating you well, you can threaten to take your business elsewhere pretty much immediately.

4. Make Electricity More Reliable

Smart meters provide instant notice to your TDU if your electricity goes out. Plus, since their data is recorded, TDU’s can learn how to fix any problematic disruptions to your electricity supply.

The net result is that you get electricity on a more reliable basis, along with more efficient delivery.

And both help keep your costs down.

5. Help the Planet

Meter readers no longer need to come to your home and take a reading.

Since their vehicles are no longer on the road, this reduces the pollution those vehicles emit, as well as the pollution caused by harvesting the fuel for them.

Plus, the roads have become safer too.

Not that meter-readers were bad drivers. But, since they’re not even on the road, the potential for them causing an accident now falls to zero.

So, don’t overlook your silent smart meter! Remember how much it saves you and be grateful it’s a standard piece of equipment.

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