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5 Benefits of Energy Deregulation in Texas

Texas is one of 17 fortunate states offering deregulated energy. Instead of a local provider delivering energy to your household and every household around you, homeowners in deregulated states, such as Texas, have a choice. Pronto Power is University Park’s deregulated electric company, offering lower prices than anyone else in Texas. Read below to learn how energy deregulation benefits Texans statewide.

​​Lower prices

Energy is one of the largest monthly expenses for most businesses and homeowners. The ability to choose the service best suited for your needs leads to competition among providers to give you the best possible service at a price better than you imagined.

Along with monthly savings are incentives to switch energy providers. Shop around, and you will find many offers for new customers, but information from an energy consultant will give you an unbiased overview of your best option.

Living in Texas is advantageous since Texans do not have to import their energy from another state. With local sources of power, energy costs are less expensive than nationwide prices.

Better service

Deregulation leads to fierce competition for new customers, which leads to companies rolling out the red carpet for its customers.

Knowing customers can switch energy providers if they are not treated fairly means energy companies work tirelessly to keep their customers happy.

Abundant products

Given a choice between purchasing energy from a coal-burning power plant or a solar or wind farm, many consumers would gladly turn to environmentally-friendly sources. In fact, a recent survey, the Climate Change in the American Mind Survey, found 70% of American adults stated they were concerned about our warming planet.

With deregulated markets, the possibility of purchasing renewable energy becomes a reality. Consumers can choose to support sustainable power sources by investing in green energy. For businesses, the push to “go green” opens doors to solid proof they are moving toward sustainability, which attracts like-minded customers.

More choices

Most people choose not to switch energy providers because they believe it is too difficult and time consuming. However, choosing a third-party energy supplier such as Pronto Power is simple. Every month you will see a supply cost for the type of energy you consume, then a utility or delivery cost from the transmission and distribution utility (TDU).

The supply cost is the portion customers in deregulated energy states can change. Unlike regulated states where supply costs fluctuate monthly, deregulated states enjoy a stable supply rate. Suddenly budgeting is more straightforward!

A more knowledgeable consumer

Customers who pay close attention to their electric bills learn to compare different plans within not only their own power company but throughout other companies as well. Because power companies want to keep their customers happy, they ensure customers are contacted when a more effective product is available. This helps customers understand how to work with a company and use the company’s personnel to lower their energy costs and conserve energy.

Switching to University Park’s deregulated electric company Pronto Power is easy. Give us a call at 1-844-621-2852 and our customer service team will contact your current provider. Your next bill will prove you made the correct choice.

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