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4 Winter Energy-Saving Products You Haven’t Considered

America is always coming up with some sort of new technology to make life just a little better than it was before.

Living in the most innovative country in the world has not only led to a number of great consumer advances, but it protects us from conflicts with other countries too.

So take a look at a few interesting products which save energy during the winter and which you might not have considered before:

1. Electric Water Kettle

These kettles transfer heat directly from the heating element to the kettle itself.

They have around 80% heating efficiency.

So they’re perfect if you want to have a nice hot cup of cocoa.

Compare this to boiling water on your stove top, which has a paltry 30% efficiency.

This happens because energy must first transfer from your stove’s heating element to the pot first. Then the energy transfers from the pot to the water.

To get the most out of an electric kettle, choose one with eco-friendly features such as rapid boil, keep warm, and cup indicator.

Who’d have thought something so simple could have such amazingly better efficiency?

2. Micathermic Heater

These heaters use a different method than most other options available in the marketplace.

And that method is much more efficient.

They use both radiant and convective heat to heat your room.

The heating element is what makes the difference. Micathermic heaters use a heating element surrounded by a stone called “Mica.”

These heaters have several layers of Mica around the heating element. The stone produces electromagnetic waves, which then heat your room.

They are so efficient that they can effectively heat up to 2000 square feet.

Yes. You read that right – 2000 square feet!

Plus, you can buy them online for less than $100.

3. Spoiler Showerhead

This one you may already know a little bit about. However, you may not be aware of the efficiency it offers.

If you like to take hot showers, a spoiler showerhead will give you some pretty nice energy savings.

And it only costs $20.

You’ll still get a nice, even spray from your shower that keeps you warm and relaxed.

And you’ll save energy (versus your regular showerhead) too!

4. Smart Refrigerator

The energy savings with these are a little more subtle.

Smart fridges use about 10% less energy than those made a decade ago.

Compressor innovations have led to the additional energy savings created.

LED lighting and temperature controls help with reducing energy use too.

You’ll also get some extra bonuses, such as alerts when your water filter needs replacing.

If you want to save energy, you now have a few more ideas to explore.

Remember, every little bit counts. And you’ll feel great inside for doing what you can to reduce your energy usage!

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