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4 Ways to Make Energy Savings Fascinating For Your Children

Children frequently fail to do what you say. But they never fail to imitate what you do.

Whoever said that sure knew what they were talking about, right?

Kids today are no different.

What if you’re trying to get your children involved in energy-saving behavior?

It should be pretty easy. And these tips should make getting them involved even easier:

1. Make Your Children Your Boss

What child doesn’t dream about being in charge of all those big, powerful adults?

Of course, we’re not saying you let them run the house. You’re still the final say when it comes to decisions, punishments, and rewards.

But, with saving energy, you can position your children as the experts who need to reward or punish you throughout the day.

So, you can set them up by purposefully engaging in energy-saving behavior and by intentionally making mistakes.

Then your children get to teach you what’s right and what’s wrong.

What child won’t enjoy that?

2. Make Your Child Your Top Assistant

Children like to learn new things and help you out. So, put them in that position with all your energy savings activities.

Do simple projects like applying caulk and weather stripping. Screw in new LED light bulbs. Get a smart surge protector.

Whatever it is that you can imagine, make your child your helper.

3. Create A Self-Reporting System

Rather than putting all the work on you to catch your children in good energy-savings habits, create a self-reporting system.

Maybe they put a token of their favorite superhero in a jar every time they do something right.

The main advantage of this approach is that rewards can be almost constant. That keeps your child much more conscious and involved with saving energy.

4. Play Energy-Savings Games

This one may not be fun for too long, but it should work a couple times. Show your child how a ribbon flaps when it gets hit by the breeze.

Then, have them move that ribbon around areas of your home where you might have air leaks. When it flaps, they should let you know.

Like we said, probably not fun over the long-term. But it should work and help you out a few times while you work on weatherproofing your home.

A little bit more fun might be found in an electricity-free family fun night. Maybe this is hide’n’seek in the dark, flashlight tag, playing board games, or whatever it is everyone enjoys doing.

And finally, have a gas-free transportation adventure. Ride your bikes to somewhere everyone loves to go. And make sure to teach your children how this saves you energy.

Yes. You can teach your children energy savings and easily get them involved. And hopefully these ideas have helped you figure out what works for your family.

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