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4 Practically Unheard Of (But Actually Realistic) Energy Savings Tips

Energy savings tips never actually run out. You can keep them going on and on forever.

But usually, at some point, they become so time-intensive that it doesn’t make any sense to actually implement them.

Take electrical outlet gaskets, for example. You can install them on every outlet in your home. But they save you just pennies per year.

Is that really even worth your time?

You’ll have to decide.

But for now, these tips do make sense. So they’re really just up to your budget:

1. Paint Your Roof White

Qualifier: this one only works well in sunny climates. And since we’re in Texas, it makes great sense to do.

But if you’re in a northern state, it becomes a waste of your time and money.

If you paint your roof white, which reflects sunlight, your home stays 40% cooler. It amounts to a $100 in savings in a year down here in Texas.

Simply buy a paint roller on a pole to make the job easier, and apply a white paint you can get from just about any store that sells paint.

2. Use a Halogen Oven

For whatever reason, these guys haven’t become more popular. But in terms of ovens, they’re practically a miracle.

Interestingly, they actually use more energy per hour they cook. However, they cook so much faster than your gas or electric oven that they actually cost less on an overall basis.

They cook the same food 50% faster and with 75% less electricity.

…And they only cost about $40 – $100.

3. Water Heater

Your water heater uses the second-most energy out of all appliances in your home (right behind your HVAC system).

So, it’s worth paying attention to.

You can go 2 routes with your water heater:

  1. Get a blanket that insulates it, which saves you about $20 – $40 per year (while costing you only $20)
  2. Install a solar-powered water heater. It has a longer payoff before you save, but it saves you much more.

4. Use Motion-Detection Lights

These should be CFLs at minimum (and ideally LEDs). You can certainly try to pay conscious attention to your light switch.

But, does your whole family do that?

It’s difficult to get many minds on the same page. So, just install lights that activate when they sense motion instead and make this easy on yourself.

So, those energy savings tips may not come to mind often. And now you have a few more tools in your belt for adding greater savings to your bottom line.

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