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4 Off-The-Radar Ways to Save Energy

Think you’ve heard it all when it comes to energy savings?

Au contraire!

Yeah. Energy savings tips get repetitive sometimes. But, remember you live in the most innovative country in the world. Things always change.

And here’s new and unique ways you might save energy this upcoming year:

Seems like nearly every child’s toy needs a couple batteries these days, doesn’t it?

It can get quite frustrating to deal with all the batteries.

So, eliminate them entirely by choosing solar-powered toys.

Or, if your child wants toys that need batteries, use rechargeables.

Then, you can teach your child two things:

You know those LED lighting systems that shine an array of lights on the side of your home?

They’re typically solar-powered.

So, they’re huge energy savers because they’re LED, which is ridiculously more efficient and longer-lasting than any other type of lighting. And they use the sun’s energy, rather than that from your home.

So many electronic devices these days consume energy when not turned on. For example, your TV has an “instant on” feature. Video game systems and stereo systems have the same.

Think of other electronic devices that have flashing lights on, even after you turn them off.

And even your regular appliances, like your stove and dishwasher, may still consume electricity when off.

To stop this, plug your devices and appliances into a surge protector and turn it off when done. Not only does this protect you from power surges, but it guarantees your devices and appliances don’t use power when you’re not using them.

This one requires some selflessness and looking a little more to help the world beyond you. But that’s what Christmas is all about, isn’t it?

When you buy products either made from recycled materials themselves or with packaging made from recycled materials, you don’t necessarily see the savings yourself. But, you do save energy and improve the quality of the environment, even if very so slightly, for all of mankind.

Not only is that an awesome lesson for your kids, but it’s a great reminder for you as an adult too!

Saving energy doesn’t have to mean you make great sacrifices to your quality of life. You can save energy and still enjoy your life too.

And these tips certainly help you accomplish both!

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