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3 Fun Summer Energy Savings Ideas for 2021

Saving energy can be kind of a drag sometimes, can’t it?

You gotta stop doing this and that. You have to always carefully watch what you’re doing and why. You can’t just relax and enjoy yourself.

Well, saving energy doesn’t always have to be a drag. In fact, you should make it fun sometimes to keep yourself motivated to do it.

Here’s some ways you can make saving energy a little more interesting than normal:

1. Do More Outdoor Activities

Yes. It can be kind of hard to get comfortable enough weather to do a lot of things outdoors. But you can find ways to make outdoor activities happen if you’re willing to look hard enough.

The more time you spend outside, the higher the temperature you can have inside your home. That means more energy saved and more money in your pocket.

What could you do outdoors in Texas during the summer?

What about an outdoor movie night with your neighbors or even just your own family? Set up lawn chairs and blankets. Move someone’s flatscreen TV outside on a table but still within range of the WiFi.

And presto! You have an outdoor movie night under the stars!

If you’re more traditional and less ambitious, just grill out. A gas grill requires very little energy, and much less than your stove requires.

2. Family Bike Rides

You can save this activity for times when the sun gets low. And pretty soon the weather will be cooling off.

To make it more interesting, go down paths your family has never been on before. Let your children navigate. Pretend to be lost and let your kids get you home.

Stop and try to identify wild plants with help from your smartphone. There’s plenty more you could do too…just look around the web.

3. Try New Activities or New Ways of Doing the Same Thing

The world is finally getting back to normal. And that means there’s plenty of new and fun things to do in your area.

Try different kinds of dance lessons (salsa, swing, ballroom, hip-hop).

If you read bedtime stories to your kids at night, do it with a flashlight or a flashlight app from your phone.

You could even just sit in the dark together and let your eyes adjust to the lower light. Then, play a game of hide’n’seek. Or tell scary stories.

There’s lots of ways to have fun and use less energy. Use these…or let them inspire your own creative ideas.

Enjoy more time with your family because you never know how long it will last. And smile big when you have a fatter wallet!

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