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Yep. The Cheapest Electric Company in Houston. Bar None.

What’s the difference between one electric company and another?

The quality of the electricity you get?


The service?

Oh sure. One company might tell you about the amazing service you get. Then, once you sign their contract, that good service suddenly disappears.

So the only real difference is the cost of your electricity.

Do you know what you actually pay for yours?

Remember, you have to add in all the fees the electric company adds. That includes a huge deposit, fees for taking your payment, connection fees, disconnection fees, balloon payments when you cross a certain kWh threshold, and anything else they can dream up.

Then, divide that number by how many kWh you use per month.

Now you have your real cost per kWh.

The national average hovers around 12 cents per kWh. What’re you at?

Pronto Power is the Cheapest Electric Company in Houston (And the Easiest Too)

With Pronto Power, you always get the lowest market rate available in the first place. And there’s nothing special you have to do to get it.

You don’t pay hidden fees. You don’t sign a contract designed to trap you. You simply join, pre-pay, and save.

That’s it. That’s all there is to it. The best business relationships are easy to understand and don’t have dozens of different rules where if you do this, this, and this, then that happens.

How does prepayment work?

Well, by golly, that’s easy too.

You start by placing $19.99 into your prepaid account. That $19.99 goes only toward the cost of your electricity. It is absolutely not an additional fee of any kind.

Then, you simply prepay however works for you – monthly, weekly, or even daily if you want.

How to Save an Additional 20%

Yes. You can save even another 20%. And this may even be up to 25%.

When you join Pronto Power, you get access to a real-time electricity usage monitoring tool that connects to your smart meter.

So, turn off every light in your house, and watch your electricity bill plummet.

Customers use this to change their behavior and save 20-25%.

Wow! Can you believe it? All this…and you don’t even have to sign a contract!

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