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The Only Houston Electric Company with the Lowest Prepaid Rates and No Hidden Fees

The lowest prepaid rates in Houston? No hidden fees? No contract to sign?

…What’s the catch?

I mean, c’mon. You’ve been burned before by other electric companies in the area who’ve promised you “the lowest rates.”

Then, once you become a customer, they crank as much money out of you as they know how.

Fees for using too much electricity. Disconnection and connection fees. Fees for taking your payment over the phone. Estimated charges, where they hide the fact they charge you for more than you actually use.

They promise you heaven…and put you through hell.

So how can Pronto Power make such an amazing promise, without doing all the same things to you?

Pronto Power Gives You The Lowest Prepaid Rates in The Houston Area Because We Value Long-Term Customer Relationships

Other electric companies use the “churn and burn approach.” Get new customers in. Crank as much money out of them as you can. Watch them leave. Get a new batch of customers. Repeat.

It’s a short-term approach to business. The revenue growth makes CEOs look good to board members so they keep their jobs and high salaries.

But Pronto Power treats you well so you don’t leave. Instead, you stay a customer for years.

That means we don’t have to spend money acquiring new customers like our competitors. We don’t need to invest heavily in deceptive marketing. And we don’t have to layoff employees when business gets tight.

Instead, customers like you choose to stay with us. You pay the lowest prepaid rate each month. You don’t sign a contract. And you don’t pay any hidden fees.

Plus, you even save more because when you use our electricity usage monitoring software, you learn how you use electricity so you can change your behavior and save. Many of our customers use this to get a 20-25% savings versus the typical Houston resident.

And, our customer service can’t wait to help you make it through even the toughest of financial times. Just give us a buzz and we’re happy to offer you a deferred payment plan.

The lowest prepaid rates? No huge up-front deposit? No contract? No hidden fees?

Check. Check. Check. And double-check!

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