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The Cheapest Rates in Texas for Smart Prepaid Electric Consumers

Been burned by electric companies advertising cheap rates?

…Only to find out later on that it’s nearly impossible to avoid all sorts of hidden fees and gimmicks?

You’ve been the victim of a dishonest electric company. They don’t care about you as a person.

You’re a number. You have money. They want it. So they create a relationship via a confusing contract that no one understands (not even the brightest lawyers) and then nickel and dime you to financial death.

You’re being used, abused, and taken advantage of.

And the retail electric company will continue to do this until you stand up and say,”No more! I’m sick and tired of this. I pay my bill on time every time. I deserve to be treated like an important, worthwhile customer!”

…But then where do you go?

After all, the next company could do exactly the same thing…

Introducing Pronto Power, The Cheapest REP in Texas for Smart Prepaid Electric Consumers

As a wise consumer who does their research, you’ll want to know what Pronto Power does that makes us a company to consider.

Well, for starters, you pay the cheapest electricity rates in Texas with no hidden fees, and no contract to sign.

Now remember, other companies will advertise lower rates. However, they’ll load the relationship with huge up-front deposits, connection and disconnection fees, fees for taking payment over the phone, or even fees for using a certain number of kWh per month (like 1000 kWh or more).

So, you have to add those in to your average usage to make an accurate comparison.

…Or you could simply trust the fact Pronto Power doesn’t charge any hidden fees. There’s no huge up-front deposit. No connection or disconnection fees. No fees for taking payment over the phone.

And since there’s no contract to sign, you have literally no financial risk whatsoever. Simply join, try out our service to see if we follow through on our promises, and then you’re free to leave if you’re not happy for any reason.

Angry about something your boss said to you today at work? Well, you can leave Pronto Power for just that reason if you want.

But, once you experience the cheapest rates, no hidden fees, and awesome customer service, you won’t want to leave.

How Does It Work?

To start, you simply place $19.99 into your prepaid account. That $19.99 goes exclusively toward your electricity usage. It is not an additional fee of any sort.

Then you simply keep your account balance positive by 1 PM each day. You’ll get an email or text notification (or both – your choice) of your account balance by 7 AM.

What if you’re going through financial chaos and having a hard time paying your bill?

Relax. We got you covered. Just call our friendly customer service team to work out a deferred payment plan to make it through the worst of financial times.

The cheapest rates with no huge up-front deposit, no hidden fees, awesome service, and no contract can be yours within the hour if your home has a smart meter.

Stop sitting there reading and call Pronto Power at 844.621.2852 to join free now!

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