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The Cheapest No-Deposit Prepaid Power in Harlingen, Texas

Looking for the cheapest prepaid electricity in Harlingen, but don’t want a contract, hidden fees, or any of the other hassles you routinely experience with most electric companies?

You probably figured that was impossible, so you simply just accepted that and hopped companies.

Until now!

With Pronto Power, you get truly the cheapest rates. But you don’t have the hidden fees, huge deposit, customer no-service, or confusing contract to sign.

What you see is what you pay. And that’s it.

Well, you can actually save more than advertised. But that part’s on you.

What’s Different about Pronto Power’s No-Deposit Electricity?

To start, you pay only the rate you see. That’s it. No estimated charges. And since there’s no hidden fees, you pay exactly that rate.

Some electric companies will advertise an unbelievably low rate around just 2-4 cents per kWh. But, then they have equally ridiculous fees on the backend so they make a huge profit on you.

For example, some charge you an additional $200 – $250 if you use more than 1000 kWh in a month. That skyrockets your total kWh rate to 20 – 25 cents per kWh when the national average hovers around 12 cents per kWh.

…That NEVER happens at Pronto Power!

It’s an example so you understand how to compare electric costs across companies. You have to evaluate all the costs so you understand what you’ll likely pay in total.

With Pronto Power, you simply pay the advertised market rate. And that rate’s the cheapest you can get with any company who serves Harlingen.

How You Can Score Exclusive Savings with Pronto Power

This next part’s totally up to you, but customers use it to frequently save 20-25% versus the average Texan.

When you join Pronto Power, you get access to real-time electricity usage monitoring software. Turn as many devices, appliances, and lights on or off as you want, and watch your usage change – instantly.

Customers evaluate this to understand how they use electricity. Then they change their behavior to reduce their electric costs.

Finally, combine that with no hidden fees, no huge up-front deposit, no credit check, and no ID check, and you have a recipe for unbeatable savings on electricity!

A measly $19.99 must go into your prepaid account to begin service. That $19.99 goes only toward the cost of your electricity. It is not an additional fee of any sort.

So what’re you waiting for?

Just call Pronto Power at 844.621.2852 to join free and get the cheapest electricity rates within the hour (if your home has a smart meter)!

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