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The Cheapest 0-Down Electricity in Texas…With no Contract to Sign!

Seriously…why do Texas electric companies make power so hard to get?

It’s almost like they don’t want you to have it…

Well, the truth is they want a certain kind of customer. But wasn’t deregulation supposed to drive down rates for everyone?

What if you’re not in a stable financial situation? Who’s there to help you?

Texas electricity rates will climb this summer. And they might grow explosively!


…Because we’ve shut down 3 coal plants, without having the power replaced by others. Wind-generating farms and natural-gas plants were supposed to be completed to fill this gap, but unfortunately that hasn’t happened as scheduled.

And depending on the intensity of the heat, your prices could climb the highest they’ve been in nearly a decade.

Pronto Power Offers 0-Down Electricity. No Hidden or Late Fees. And No Complicated Contract to Sign.

If you think electricity costs too much…or if you don’t like the terms utilities offer, then Pronto Power is for you.

With us, you don’t pay any deposit of any kind. Ever.

You don’t sign a contract.

You don’t need an ID check.

You don’t need a credit check.

And you always pay only your same kWh rate.

You don’t pay estimated charges.

You don’t pay hidden or late fees.

Just pay the rate you agreed to…and that’s it!

Sounds Good! …What’s the Catch?

There is none!

We do ask you prepay for your electricity up front. But the terms are fair and flexible:

Then you prepay as you can – monthly, weekly, or even daily if you need to.

Just keep your account balance positive with only a single cent by 1 PM each day, and your electricity stays on.

You’ll get text reminders at 7 AM each morning.

…But that’s it? Sounds pretty fair, doesn’t it?

And if you run into financial trouble and have difficulty paying, simply contact our friendly customer service team to create a payment arrangement that works for you.

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