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Prepaid Electric Company in Mesquite with No Deposit and No Contract

How can a prepaid electric company in Mesquite claim to have low rates, no deposit, and no contract? The dream is a reality with Pronto Power. How can they pull this off?

No deposit for Mesquite customers. Ever.

You may read about other power companies who advertise no deposit, but the fine print proves many customers do indeed require a deposit based on their credit history. Pronto Power does not look at your credit score. We never check your credit, and nobody requires a deposit to begin service with us.

And no deposit is just the start: Pronto Power never charges a contract fee, a sign-up fee, or any other up-front charges to our new customers. We do ask you add $20 to your Pronto Power account. This money is yours, and you use it to pay toward your first bill. As you use power, you see the amount shrink on a free app you download directly to your phone. Check the app to find out not only how much money you have on your account, but how quickly or slowly your power meter is running. This app notifies you when your funds are low and reminds you to make a payment. You add more money any time during the day or night. As long as you have at least one cent in your account, your electricity stays on.

Unlike many other power companies, Pronto Power recognizes money is tight. If you cannot pay your bill on time, let us know as quickly as possible either by calling or texting. We will happily work with you and defer your bill until your next paycheck. Our customer service team is willing to help when you need it most.

No contract – now or ever

Texas allows its power consumers a choice for electric service, and that opens the door to competition between power companies. Pronto Power wants our customers to stay with us not due to obligation, but because they truly like our service. You don’t even sign a one-month contract. Just join our growing family and enjoy the savings. You’ll love our courteous customer service.

The magic of Pronto Power’s low rates

A huge chunk of power company budgets are dedicated to advertising. Pronto Power believes our investments should not be in showy advertisements to sell our service. We want to spend that money on our customers. By keeping our advertising budget low, we save money and pass those savings on to you.

Remember the app we mentioned? Pronto Power has found a real-time power usage app that saves our customers money. We teach you how to read your smart meters from your phone. The app shows how fast or slow the meter is running. Turn on the washing machine and watch the power usage rise. Turn off the air conditioner and watch the numbers drop. You make the decisions.

This app has another benefit as well. As your appliances age, they work less efficiently. By checking the energy usage when an appliance is working, you can determine if it is using way too much power. If it is, it may be time to replace it with a more energy efficient model. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has an EnergyStarTM program with energy usage for any major appliance that participates in their program. Take a look online to see if your appliance is within those parameters. If not, it might be time to go shopping. New appliances can often pay for themselves in less than a year by using far less energy. If you do not want a new appliance, a repairperson can determine if your appliance can be fixed.

Referrals, anyone?

For every new customer you refer to Pronto Power who signs up, we will give you and your friend a $20 credit on that month’s bill. Every time one of your friends becomes a customer and tells us you referred them, another $20 credit appears on your bill. Each new friend brings both of you another $20 credit.

Let Pronto Power be your prepaid electric company in Mesquite. Call us at 844-621-2852 today to begin saving on your power bill.

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