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Pre-Paid Electricity Works Perfect If You’re Struggling Financially

Everyone, even the world’s richest people, goes through difficult financial times. Some of the world’s most successful people lost everything – and sometimes more than once.

Who’s there to help you when you go through difficult times?

Most companies slap you with more fees, interest, or disconnection of your service. But, you need a break.

When it comes to electric companies, most do the same thing. They’ll load you up with all kinds of fees – including hidden ones you knew nothing about!

But it doesn’t have to work that way. And in fact, at Pronto Power, we’re here to help you make it through the most trying financial times of your life.

Why Pronto Power’s Prepaid Electricity Makes Sense

Our prepaid electricity service is designed specifically for Texans going through difficult financial times. You could be a college student, senior citizen, living on disability, brand new to the country, or just a regular person who had every financial disaster possible happen.

The reason doesn’t matter. Our prepaid electricity service is here for you.

It works like this:

You make an initial deposit of $19.99. That deposit goes only toward the cost of your electricity. It is not a security deposit or fee for the right to service.

Then, you simply add more funds to your prepaid account as needed. You can do this as often as you like – monthly, weekly, or even daily if needed. You’ll get a text or email reminder at 7 AM. And to keep your electricity on, you simply need a single penny in your account by 1 PM that day.

What if your situation becomes so dire even that’s difficult for you? Please call us and we’re happy to work out a payment plan that helps you make it through.

All throughout this process, there’s no interest or hidden fees of any kind. It really is that simple.

Then, if you go 3 months without having your electricity disconnected, you have the option to switch to a more traditional post-pay plan.

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