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No-Deposit Prepay Electricity. The Cheapest Rates for Arlington Residents!

Has this ever happened to you:

You find a cheap electric company. They may even be the cheapest you’ve ever seen – and by far.

Excited, you join right away and sign their contract.

You pay their deposit. Ouch! That was expensive. But oh well, it’s worth it. You’re going to get the cheapest rates in the Arlington area.

Darn! They charge you a connection fee too. Oh well. It wasn’t that much anyway.

Then you get your bill. Your electricity rates do seem cheap, as you expected. However, after a few bills, you get a real whopper. Your bill actually costs a couple hundred bucks more – and you’re not using your electricity any differently!

Turns out, the company hits you with a high fee that kicks in once you use more than 1000 kWh per month.

Now, when you add up all your fees and expenses, you find yourself paying way more than what you can get with any of the other 400+ REPs in Texas.

…Guess that’s how they compensate for those low rates!

Unlike Other Texas Electric Companies, Pronto Power Saves You Money – 20-25%

No joke. You save money with Pronto Power.

We don’t charge any hidden fees. You don’t sign a contract. There’s no connection or disconnection fee. And no up-front deposit.

And many customers use our real-time electricity usage monitoring software to change their own behavior and save 20-25% versus the average Texan!

How can Pronto Power do this? Why are we willing to make less than competing options?

Because we’re focused on long-term relationships. Rather than charging high fees and cleaning out as much of your money as possible, only to see you leave after a year, we reduce profit now.

Then, you stay on longer. You don’t switch to the competition. Our company grows. We make less per customer, but more overall because we keep more customers, and they stay longer.

It’s business the way all electric companies should operate because both sides win.

To get the cheapest rates, along with absolutely no hassles whatsoever, call 844.621.2852 to join Pronto Power now!

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