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No-Deposit Power for All Azle Residents. Get the Cheapest Rates Too!

Hmmm…let’s see. Just 3 cents per kWh for electricity?

Wow! Sounds amazing. Where do you sign up?

…Not so fast.

Remember, if a deal you see seems too good to be true, it is.

The average American pays 12 cents per kWh for their electricity. The average Texan pays 11.3 cents.

So how can you get an offer of just 3 cents per kWh?

That would make the electric company advertising to you a charity, and not a for-profit company. They’d go out of business in a heartbeat.

What’s really going on?

An elaborate web of lies and hidden fees. They’re going to make up their money. And they’re going to make it up even big-time.

Companies who charge unbelievably low rates like that set thresholds at 1000 kWh. When you cross that in a month, they hit you with a $200 – $250 fee.

Suddenly, that 3 cents per kWh balloons to 20-23 cents per kWh. And that when the average Texan pays 11.3 cents per kWh!

That’s insane. But many Texas electric companies have absolutely no shame about doing it.

It’s kind of like your child saying,”But I didn’t mean it.” And then five minutes later you find them doing exactly what they said they didn’t mean to do!

They’re playing you for a sucker.

Pronto Power: The Prepay Electric Company That Gives You the Cheapest Rates in Azle and Saves You 20-25% Versus the Average Texan!

This is a legitimate deal. And it’s not a limited-time deal. It’s the only deal we have for prepaid electricity because it’s how we operate.

Other companies use limited-time deals to create fear in you so you’ll act now and get yourself stuck in a relationship that’s favorable to them.

With Pronto Power, you first get the cheapest rates. You do not sign a contract. And you do not pay hidden fees. Plus, you don’t pay any fees during the relationship, and there’s no disconnection fee.

So, that means you can come and go as you please. You have no risk. If you don’t like what’s happening for any reason, you can leave at any time, and for any reason.

…But we work to make this as sweet as possible so you don’t want to.

Besides the cheapest rates and not having to pay an up-front deposit, you also can save 20-25%, and even more. Many of our customers use the real-time electricity usage monitoring software included (also free) to understand how to use their electricity more efficiently.

And they routinely save 20-25%!

All this, and you only have to prepay for your electricity in the way that works best for you: daily, weekly, or even monthly.

Get that and the cheapest rates in Texas at Pronto Power when you call 844.621.2852 and join free now!

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