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No-Deposit Electricity from Pronto Power

Ever wonder why, when you’re going through financial difficulty, everyone wants more money from you?

It makes sense from their side. They know you have beat-up credit, and that you have a greater likelihood of not being able to pay.

But for you, it makes no sense at all. You need help. A break. Not more interest, fees, or large up-front deposits.

What’s the solution to your dilemma then? Electric companies want hundreds of dollars, but you don’t have that to give them right now.

How Pronto Power Delivers You Cheap Electricity…With No Large Up-Front Deposit

You’re a fair person, aren’t you?

You’re willing to give, just a little bit, so you can make things work for everyone, right?

With Pronto Power, you don’t have to pay a large up-front deposit. All we ask is you pay a measly $19.99 to open your account, then prepay for the electricity you want to use.

Note that all the money you pay goes directly to your cost of electricity. It is not simply a deposit for having the right to electricity!

To make the deal sweeter for you, you can prepay however you want after you do your initial $19.99 deposit. You can do it monthly, weekly, or even daily if you need to. You get a reminder each morning by text or email at 7 AM. As long as you have just a single penny in your prepaid account by 1 PM, your electricity stays on.

Oh, and by the way, if you have trouble paying, simply contact us and let us know. We’re happy to defer payment to help you make it through the really difficult times.

So what do you say now? All we ask for is $19.99 to start, and then you can prepay however you want after that.

And there’s absolutely no hidden fees to worry about!

Sounds like a pretty fair deal, doesn’t it?

Get Your No-Deposit Electricity Connected Today

If your home has a smart meter, there’s a 99% chance you can get connected within the hour.

So, just give Pronto Power a buzz, and we’re happy to get you connected today – but without that massive, unaffordable deposit!

Just call 844.621.2852 now.

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