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No Credit Check No Deposit Electricity from Pronto Power

Texas electric companies sure have all the power, don’t they?

We’re not talking about the electrical kind. We’re talking about the ability to make you do certain things.

For example, the typical company wants to analyze your credit score. Let’s say you’re getting overwhelmed with expenses. You’d love to pay them all back ASAP, but you can’t. You have a limited income.

So, your credit score is beat up due to reasons outside your control. But, the big electricity company doesn’t care. They see it as their opportunity to charge you a large up-front deposit.

And speaking of that, you can’t even afford it anyway. You’re in a financial pinch, and you need some help. Just a little help for a short while.

But no electricity company will give it to you. They all want more money from you.

Frustrating, isn’t it? Maybe “frustrating” is too weak of a word. “Unfair” may be more accurate.

So what do you do? Do you strain yourself and fork up the money, making your financial situation even tighter?

Or do you have another option?

Introducing No Credit Check and No Deposit Electricity from Pronto Power

Hey, we’re here to help you in your time of need. So, we’ve created a fair deal that works for you and us.

You don’t have to undergo a credit check. So whether you have a rotten credit score, or no credit score at all, that doesn’t matter.

And what if you don’t have a few hundred bucks for electricity? That doesn’t matter either!

All we ask for is a small up-front deposit ($20) that goes directly toward your initial cost of electricity. It’s not a fee or amount used in case you don’t pay later. It goes directly toward your cost of electricity now.

You always prepay. You’ll get daily account balance updates. And as long as you have just a single penny in your account, you’ll have no problem keeping your electricity on.

If your financial circumstances get worse, call us as soon as you’re aware. Our friendly service team is happy to work out a flexible arrangement to help you make it through.

Call Payless Power to Sign Up for No Credit Check, No Deposit Electricity Today!

Does all this sound good?


To sweeten the deal, be aware we don’t have you sign a contract. That means you have no risk. If you don’t like our service for whatever reason, simply cancel anytime.

But we think you’ll absolutely love it.

So, just call 844.621.2852 now, and you can be connected in less than an hour if your home has a smart meter!

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