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No Complaints for 2 Years Running!

No complaints for two years running - Pronto PowerThink of all the bills you get monthly for the various services you use. It seems like you have more than one, at least every month, that requires a complaint with customer service.

Well, maybe “complaint” is a strong word. Sometimes, you just have to call and get something straightened out or clarified.

And then sometimes, you truly have to complain. Companies make errors. Sometimes they care. And others, they don’t. And on occasion, you have to really throw a fit to get anyone to pay attention to you.

Sometimes, life can be extremely frustrating in this regard. Does the above sound familiar?

Nothing Even Close to Resembling This Happens at Pronto Power

What if a good friend who works customer service at a company told you they can’t remember they had a customer call in with a complaint? Would you find it hard to believe? Doesn’t customer service exist to listen to frustrated, angry, and complaining customers all day long?

And what if that friend told you they’ve been working at that company for two years, and they still haven’t had to deal with a single complaining customer?

You’d be incredulous, right? What kind of company could possibly pull that off?

Well, it’s officially happened here at Pronto Power. But it’s not true just for a single customer service rep. It’s true for the whole team. We have not had a single customer complaint in two years!

How Did We Make This Happen?

We’re not here to brag about how awesome we are. But, we will show you how our service is set up to make customer complaints a thing of the past.

You see, with most prepaid electric companies, they fundamentally misalign their interests and yours. They put you in a long-term contract with high, and sometimes hidden, fees. There’s a fee for nearly everything, including for customer service to take payment by phone. When you see all these different fees, and lots of fine print to support it, you know the company is working against you, not with you. It’s a recipe for conflict, anger, and trouble.

On the other hand, at Pronto Power, you don’t even sign a contract. So that means there’s nothing stopping you from leaving at any time and for any reason. It also means our interests, and yours, are fundamentally tied together.

If we provide amazing, no-hassle service, free from hidden fees, and the cheapest prepaid electric rates, you remain a customer. The minute we falter, you can leave. We love operating this way, but this setup for the relationship also forces us to give you exactly what you want – or we’re out of business.

Isn’t that how prepaid electric (and possibly every other business) should work?

We don’t know all the reasons why customers stay. But we’re pretty sure that’s the main one.

We’re proud to have no complaints for 2 years in a row, and we hope for many more.

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