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Make Your Average Electric Bill Shrink with Pronto Power

Look, you know it can be stressful signing up for any new kind of service, including electric service.

Will the company make it easy and simple for you? Or are they going to have so many complex rules you can’t understand them all, even though you’re an intelligent person?

If they’re the latter, you’re suspicious. The real reason they want you as a customer is to see how much money they can squeeze out of you. They nickel, dime, and fee you at every opportunity.

Their customer service doesn’t answer your question. Or, they say,”I’m sorry. I can’t do that,” when you ask them to waive your fees. That’s if you even get an answer at all.

Not every business operates like this. But many do.

It’s one way to grow your business. But, it’s a short-term view.

The other way to do business is to make sure you get amazing service, with no hidden fees, and help you save money so you want to be a customer forever.

And that’s exactly what Pronto Power does.

How Do You Make Your Average Electric Bill Shrink with Pronto Power?

It’s simple. Anyone can do it.

For starters, you don’t have to worry about hidden fees because there are none. You do put money into an account to start you service because this offer is prepaid, but that all goes toward the usage of your electricity. It’s not an additional fee.

Second, you get real-time electricity usage information that you can monitor online. So, you can turn off all the lights in your home and watch your electric usage plummet – instantly.

This allows you to monitor how you and your family use electricity, and then you can modify your behavior based on what you find.

It really is that simple.

The hardest part may be convincing your family members to join you as you attempt to save electricity. They may not share your conviction for efficiency.

But as you can see, savings are simple and easy with Pronto Power.

No Credit Check Necessary. No Contract to Sign.

Oh, and did we mention you don’t have to go through a credit check or sign a contract?

We don’t want you to feel trapped and abused by a ruthless company who only cares about the green stuff in your wallet.

You really have no risk. Don’t like the service after you sign up? Go ahead and cancel for any reason. And there’s no fees for cancelling either!

…But we think you’ll love the friendly service and amazing savings you get.

Just call 844.621.2852 to sign up today.

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