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Lower Prices than All Other Texas Electric Companies. No Joke!

…And there’s:

What? Are we crazy?

Getting all this, plus lower prices than all other electricity companies in Texas, sounds insane.

C’mon. How many times have you heard of electric companies advertising one thing, and then giving you something different once you sign the contract?

Perhaps that’s already happened to you.

But This Offer from Pronto Power is 100% Legit. It’s Easy to Understand. And It’s Available to You Anytime!

How can we give you the lowest electricity prices in Texas, and all the other benefits above – but without any false advertising?


You prepay for your electricity.

…And we make it easy to do and understand.

Then, you add more funds to your account to cover the cost of your electricity. You can do that monthly, weekly, or even daily, if needed. You get a text or email notification (or both) that tells you the balance remaining on your account.

Simply keep your account balance positive with just a single penny by 1 PM each day, and your electricity stays on.

What if you run into trouble paying for it?

Don’t sweat it. Call our friendly customer service team, who’s ready to help you make it through even the most difficult financial stress.

And with good payment history, you can eventually switch to traditional post-pay billing at the end of the month.

So if you’re in a tough financial place, yes, we want you as a customer. Call 844.621.2852 to connect free today.

If your home has a smart meter, you can get connected to the lowest electric prices in Texas within an hour!

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