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Looking for The Cheapest Prepaid Electricity in Texas?

Remember back when being an American consumer was so much easier?

You only had one electricity company to choose from. So managing your electric bills was no problem. You really only had to worry about your own behavior – how you used electricity. You knew how everything else would work.

…But then deregulation came along.

And now you have no less than 264 different companies to choose from. And each has their own rates, contract, fees, terms, and so on.

But Wait a Minute! Pronto Power Delivers You the Cheapest Prepaid Electricity in Texas – Without A Contract, Fees, or Any Hassles

You simply won’t find a better all-around deal in Texas. Go ahead and look at the other 263 electric companies in Texas.

Just make sure you really question them hard so you know exactly what you get. Because, many like to make that confusing so they can squeeze more money out of you without you noticing. Yep – many Texas electric companies work just like your irritating satellite or cable TV company.

Fee this. Fee that. Oh – another late charge here. And yup, they can’t waive the charge.

But at Pronto Power, when we say we get you the cheapest electricity rates in Texas, we’re actually telling you the truth. And to back it up, we don’t charge you any connection/disconnection fees. And we don’t require you to sign a contract.

So, that means if you feel you’re not getting the best electricity rates available, you can cut your service immediately. You have absolutely no risk.

When comparing rates, make sure you understand other company’s fees. They make them confusing so you think you pay a low rate. But then when you actually work with them, they make up for those low rates with hidden fees.

At Pronto Power, you don’t pay any hidden fees. For anything. Ever.

Then, you simply keep your prepaid account with at least one penny in it by 1 PM each day to keep your electricity on. You’ll get a text or email reminder (or both – your choice) at 7 AM each day so you know the exact amount you have in your account.

Sound Good? Join Pronto Power Today!

Just call 844.621.2852 to get connected within the hour. That’s 99% likely to happen if your home has a smart meter.

The cheapest prepaid electricity in Texas can be yours – in less than 60 minutes!

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