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What do all your least favorite consumer service providers do?

We’re talking about your electric company, cable company, bank, airline, or cell phone service.

Not all the companies in those industries are bad. But some are widely hated. And justifiably so.

What do they do that drives you up the wall? Any of these:

Yes. We live in a free market. While regulation exists to protect consumers like you from big, bad companies who could care less, it’s not perfect. Plenty of bad stuff happens.

But, in every market, there’s shining examples of stellar service.

Pronto Power Gives You More than Affordable Electric. You Get the Cheapest Rates and Best Service

How can we afford to give you the cheapest rates and best service?

Don’t we have to charge more to pay the best rates and hire the top employees who genuinely care about you?


Instead, we focus on long-term customer relationships. Because we don’t spend our time cranking as much money out of you as possible, watching you leave, and then spending more money marketing to get you back again, we save on costs.

And those savings get passed on to you.

So when you use our prepaid service, you don’t pay any hidden fees of any kind. Ever. You don’t pay a connection fee, up-front deposit, disconnection fee, or even a high usage fee.

You don’t pay any fees because there are none.

Plus, you don’t enter into a contract.

Make Affordable Electric the Cheapest in Texas by Saving an Additional 20%

Our electric isn’t just affordable. It’s the cheapest in Texas. Plus, you can save 20% more by using our free online electricity usage monitoring software.

This software connects to your smart meter and shows you exactly how you’re using electricity right this second.

Customers use this software to change their behavior and save up to an additional 20% versus the typical Texan.

Retail electricity in Texas just doesn’t get any better.

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