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Get the Lowest Electricity Rates in Dallas in Under an Hour!

…Ever call your electricity provider “just to talk?”

Good grief, no!

What insane person would do that? Because here’s how your experience with your REP typically goes:

“Uh. Hold on. Let me transfer you to the right department for that.”

And of course, you know you’re getting transferred to the company’s janitorial service.

Or, you get:

“I’m sorry. But company policy doesn’t allow me to do that.”

A typical non-answer!

When you have problems, usually your REP’s more than happy to ignore them.


Because they know they have you under contract with no way of getting out. You’re no different than a hostage to a desperate crook!

…Except you don’t have the police standing by trying to get you out of your REP’s stranglehold on you.

Pronto Power Gives You Amazing Service That’ll Make You Want to Shout from Your Rooftop

When you talk to Pronto Power’s customer service team, you’ll be delighted with how friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable each member is.

Get your problem solved in minutes (not weeks).

…But it’s rare you’ll even have to talk to customer service.

That’s because we’re so friendly and easygoing and understand the value of genuinely win-win relationships.

When you use our prepaid electric plan, you don’t sign a contract. And you never pay any hidden fees. Plus, you get the lowest rates not just in Dallas, but in Texas.

But if we’re so cheap, how can we afford to give you so much?

Simple: a focus on long-term customer relationships.

Keeping you happy and with us for years means far lower costs. We have fewer customer service complaints than nearly every company in Texas. And we don’t have to spend big money on advertising or using celebrities to promote our name (customers are so happy they do that for us).

Say you’re in a desperate financial situation. You need help…like yesterday. Most REPs would turn around and hit you with fees or shut off your service (or both!).

Pronto Power, on the other hand, will likely grant you a payment extension.

Yeah. We’re like that. We’re the neighbor you can lean on at any time.

Want that amazing service, plus the cheapest prepaid rates in all of Texas?

Call 844.621.2852 to join Pronto Power free now.

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