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Frisco’s Cheapest Prepaid No-Deposit Electric Company

Isn’t finding a prepaid electric company who treats you fairly outrageously difficult?

They have all these confusing contract terms and hidden fees. They bury it in their fine print that’s so small you can’t read it without glasses.

You really don’t know what you’re getting.

You’ve been burned by this before.

And you’re sick and tired of companies who offer dreadful customer service after telling you how friendly their customer service team is.

They talk a good game. But their actions clearly show they’ll do whatever it takes to get what’s in your wallet…not to treat you like a customer they truly care about.

Pronto Power’s Prepay Electric Rates And Customer Service Beat the Pants Off the Competition

With Pronto Power, you don’t sign a contract. You always get the cheapest prepaid rates…and you never pay any hidden fees.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

But what’s that got to do with customer service?

Well, designing the business relationship this way forces us to give you exactly what’s advertised.

Because, with no contract keeping you with Pronto Power, that means you can leave at any time. And with no hidden fees, like connection fees or disconnection fees, which would make it harder for you to leave, you have absolutely no risk in leaving at all.

You could leave because you just got angry about a fight you had with your spouse!

So making the relationship work this way means it’s in our best interest to give you the cheapest prepaid rates with no deposit, and no hidden fees. If we stop doing this and stop offering helpful customer service, eventually we’ll go out of business.

Plus, Save an Additional 20% Versus Other Electric Companies in Frisco

If friendly customer service who helps you out when you’re having trouble paying and the cheapest rates aren’t enough for you, you can actually save another 20% (and possibly even more!).

The amount is up to you!

When you join Pronto Power, you get access to software that monitors your electricity usage in real-time. Unplug or plug in a device or appliance, and watch your energy usage change.

Many of our customers easily reduce their electric bills 20%…and some even more!

The total savings is fully within your control.

To get the cheapest rates, with no contract or hidden fees, and customer service who helps you out when you’re having trouble paying, join Pronto Power by calling 844.621.2852 and get it all within an hour!

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