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Finally, Laredo’s Cheapest, No-Hassle, No-Deposit Power Company!

Why is it that you have to be a nuclear scientist or brain surgeon to understand the terms of your REP’s contract?

The truth in business is that, if you don’t understand something, someone else is doing that to make more money off you.

But at Pronto Power, you don’t have to worry about contract terms because you never have to sign one!

That’s right. You won’t find an REP that works any simpler or easier. Finally!

Plus, there’s:

…And you know that’s no joke. Why?

Since you don’t sign a contract, and since you don’t pay any connection or disconnection fees, you can come or go as you please.

That means if you find anything not to your liking, you simply leave for another REP just like that.

So, we have to over deliver on what we promise to keep you as a customer.

…And isn’t that business the way it should be?

How Does Pronto Power Work Versus Other Texas Electric Companies?

Simple: you put money into your prepaid account as often as you want. You first open up your account with $19.99. That $19.99 is not a fee of any sort. It only goes toward the cost of your electricity.

Then, you add money as often as you want: monthly, weekly, or even daily. As long as you have a single penny in your account by 1 PM, your electricity stays on.

And you get daily text or email notifications (your choice) at 7 AM that let you know your account balance.

Plus, with good payment history, you can also eventually switch to traditional post-pay electricity too.

Save an Additional 20% Versus Other Electric Companies

The savings don’t end there. When you join Pronto Power, you also get free access to an online tool that monitors your electricity use in real-time.

Then, you simply learn how you use electricity and make changes to your behavior.

Many of our customers save an additional 20% off the already cheapest rates available in Laredo…and some even much more!

How much you save is up to you.

Laredo Homeowners: Get the Cheapest No-Deposit Power within the Hour

Finally, customer service can’t wait to do its job. They’re here to help you through even the most difficult financial circumstances.

So, what’re you waiting for?

Call 844.621.2852 to join Pronto Power free today!

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