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Finally, Cheap Electricity Rates with No Hidden Fees

Finances give you enough hassle, don’t they?

You know your cable or satellite company is playing around with mysterious charges on your bill. Your cell phone service provider might do so from time-to-time too. The bank charges you fees for using their ATM, but you’re not sure what they’ll be. Or they rotate the categories on your credit card so you don’t know exactly when you’re earning rewards. And if you have medical bills, the financial games never seem to end.

It’s so frustrating and obnoxious!

Why all these stupid rules that change?

If you’re having financial trouble on top of it, all those fees add up and cause you even more financial problems. It’s a stressful, difficult mess to wade your way through.

But, unlike many other electric companies, you don’t have to deal with any of that. You simply get the lowest electricity rates…and that’s it.

Why Choose Pronto Power Versus Other Prepaid Electric Companies?

With Pronto Power, you don’t have any hidden fees or changing terms to worry about. Absolutely none.

The only payment you make is a $19.99 deposit into your prepaid electric account. And every penny of that goes toward your electricity usage. It’s not a hidden fee used to squeeze more money out of you.

How can you be sure of that?

Because you don’t sign a contract. Ever. Instead, you simply join our service and start getting the lowest electricity rates…and usually within an hour of calling.

Since you don’t sign a contract, that means you can leave Pronto Power and go somewhere else at any time, and for any reason. You might not like something about your service (which we don’t think is likely). Or, it could be because you’re having a bad day.

The reason doesn’t matter. There’s no risk on you because you can cancel your service whenever you want.

And what if you run into unexpected financial trouble and think you’ll have a hard time paying your electric bill?

Don’t worry. We’re here to help. It’s important you contact us as soon as you’re aware of difficulty, and we’ll work out a flexible arrangement to help you through.

Get Cheap Electricity Rates (With No Hidden Fees) Just an Hour From Now

If your home has a smart meter, there’s a 99% chance we can get you connected to our grid within the hour.

Just call Pronto Power at 844.621.2852 to get the cheap electricity you want – without any hidden fees or stressful hassles.

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