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Experts Expect Electricity Rates in Texas to Soar (But They Won’t at Pronto Power!)

Make no mistake about it – electricity prices will climb this summer.

The only questions: how much? …and when?

3 coal power plants have been shut down because they’re not profitable enough to compete with lower-cost natural gas and wind-generating projects.

That simple supply and demand shift puts a lot more stress on our electricity grid.

Because of that increased demand and lower supply, that means plants running at nearly full capacity. That in turn means more equipment with higher stress levels. And that’s going to lead to more malfunctions and maintenance needed. That will drive prices up even further.

This all depends on the intensity of Texas’ summer heat. If temperatures stay relatively mild, you won’t get hit too hard by the increased prices. However, if we have intense heatwaves, you can expect prices to shoot up.

If we do have a heatwave, Texas’ ERCOT commission usually asks industrial businesses to reduce their power usage. They may also ask consumers to raise their thermostats to help ease the burden on everyone.

No Matter What Happens, Pronto Power Always Delivers You the Cheapest Electricity Rates in Texas

Look…no one can predict exactly how this will shake out. There’s too many factors. And no one can control some of them (like the weather).

So, the best you can do is to go with a company proven to give you the cheapest electricity rates in Texas.

…And since you don’t sign a contract with Pronto Power, that means you have no risk. If you don’t like any part of your relationship with us, you simply tell us you want to disconnect (and there’s no disconnection fees), and you’re free to go somewhere else.

But since you do get the cheapest electricity rates in Texas, and since you don’t pay any hidden fees of any kind whatsoever, you won’t want to make a change.

Plus, there’s no credit check. You don’t pay an up-front deposit. And you don’t have an ID check either.

You simply prepay for your electricity, beginning with $19.99 in your account for the first month.

Then you prepay daily, weekly, or monthly – whatever works for you at the moment.

It really is that simple.

Connect to Pronto Power Free – And Get the Cheapest Electricity Rates in Texas Within the Hour!

Whatever happens this summer – you can count on one thing – Pronto Power will get you the cheapest electricity rates in Texas.

Bar none.

Just call 844.621.2852 now.

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