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Electricity Rates in Dallas Expected to Soar – But Pronto Power Will Still Give You the Cheapest Rates in Texas!

Three coal power plants have been shut down, driving Texas’ power supply to its lowest levels in more than a decade. Commissioner Brandy Marty Marquez of the Public Utility Commission announced rates will climb significantly – but no one knows by how much or when.

All it could take is a heatwave to send your rates spiraling out of control!

It’s simple supply and demand. We have a growing population, with fewer power plants, and also delays in completion of natural-gas and wind-generating projects, which means a lower supply with an increasing demand.

The 3 coal power plants were shut down because they couldn’t compete with lower-cost natural gas plants and wind farms.

Regardless of What Happens, You Still Get the Same Cheapest Electricity Rates in Texas You Expect from Pronto Power!

We’ll be honest: our rates may climb a little too. We can’t operate at a loss.

…But, you still get the cheapest rates in Texas, just like you always expect from us.

And you won’t have to pay any ridiculous hidden fees. You don’t have a credit check. You don’t pay connection or disconnection fees.

You simply prepay for your electricity as you can (daily, weekly, or even monthly) – and reap the savings!

Our customers save more than most Texans for this reason. And since you also get real-time electricity monitoring, which shows you exactly how much electricity you’re using this instant via software, you can also discover which behaviors cost you the most electricity (and then you can change to energy-saving behavior).

Many of our customers do this to boost their savings even further.

Save More Within the Hour!

With Pronto Power, you can get connected for free within the hour if your home has a smart meter.

Just give us a call. Add $19.99 to your prepaid account (Not a fee. This only goes toward the cost of your electricity).

And you’re off to the cheapest electricity in all of Texas!

Just call 844.621.2852 now.

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