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Deregulation 101: Everything You Need to Know about Deregulation and How It Affects You

You’ll hear plenty of stories in the news about deregulation and how it hasn’t worked. Some REP customers pay way higher than the Texas average rate of about 12.7 cents per kWh.

While some Texans have seen their costs increase, the truth is deregulation has been helpful in keeping prices down for the state, as confirmed by Pat Wood, former Chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and the Texas PUC.

Deregulation, because of its very nature as a legal mechanism, is a complex subject. Fortunately, you’ve found a comprehensive resource that explains all its intricacies in plain English, rather than legalese.

Take a look below to learn more:

1. Deregulation 101: Why We Have REPs

Why do we have REPs here in Texas? It’s actually quite a complicated history. It actually took decades to get to the point of having REPs.

And even though some find ways to charge you higher rates, many work fairly and honestly, helping you to find the best rates and save money. Learn the entire story of REPs and how they came to be.

2. Deregulation 101: How Deregulation Works in Texas

Did you know that not everyone in Texas lives in a deregulated market? While deregulation is the norm for most, it’s not the standard for everyone.

And like you’ve heard, some consumers got nailed with massive electric bills during the cold spell earlier this year.

Deregulation has helped keep prices in check. But it’s not a blanket approach that works the same everywhere all the time. So learn how deregulation works in Texas.

For everything you need to know about deregulation, download our free guide and take it with you.

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