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Dallas’s Cheapest Prepay Electric Company

Prepay for your electricity? How much do you pay?

Pronto Power’s cheaper!

Electricity’s the same no matter what company you choose. So you might as well pay as little as possible.

…But what happens when you actually join Pronto Power?

Because you’ve heard those horror stories (or maybe you’ve experienced one yourself) of other companies who advertise low rates. But then they get you under contract, find every way they can to fee the living daylights out of you, and ignore or transfer any of your customer service calls.

They’re like snake oil salesmen. They promise you the moon to get you to buy. And then once you’ve bought, you’re on your own.

You’ll Love That We Don’t Charge Hidden Fees Or Have You Sign a Contract…And That’s Just the Start

Unlike other Texas electric companies, we don’t use contracts as traps. In fact, you don’t have to sign a contract at all.

…Plus there’s no hidden fees. Yeah, you don’t pay a fee for connection or disconnection. There’s no “estimated charges.”

You pay exactly what you thought you’d pay. And that’s it!

Plus, there’s no deposit.

And, when you have a question or concern, customer service is happy to go above and beyond to get you an answer or solution.

That sounds strange. But it’s true!

Save an Additional 20% Versus Other Electric Companies in Dallas

Everything you’ve learned so far adds up to real savings. And all you have to do to get those savings is join Pronto Power.

You can save an additional 20%. And that’s up to you. Simply use our electricity monitoring software to learn exactly how you’re using electricity right this second.

Unplug your TV and watch your usage go down. Then, change your behavior over time.

The typical customer saves an additional 20%! You could save even more. It’s totally within your control!

Incredible savings? Awesome service? The cheapest rates?

Electricity just doesn’t get any better. Join Pronto Power free when you call 844.621.2852 now.

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