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Compare Electricity Companies And You’ll Find Pronto Power’s Cheapest!

What’s the number one thing to do when you see an electric company advertising the “cheapest rates?”

Compare them to your other choices.

But, you have to make an accurate comparison. Because, you may see one company advertising lower rates than another. But the advertised rate you see may not actually be what you end up paying.

Instead, you have to trace the entire process and all the fees you pay. For example, one company might charge you 2-4 cents per kWh, which seems cheap. However, they may also charge a huge up-front deposit, connection fees, and then another $200 – $250 when your electric usage crosses a threshold, like 1000 kWh.

Now, the average American home uses around 940 kWh per month. And during the heating or cooling seasons, this jumps to 1,450 kWh per month.

Then, you have those “sweet spot” months where you may not actually cross that 1,000 kWh usage (maybe 2 months per year).

But, you’ll have to conservatively figure you use more than 1,000 kWh per month 10 months out of the year. You can also login to your electric company’s website and check your past bills.

When you add in that $200 – $250 for crossing that threshold, suddenly your kWh rate skyrockets to 20 – 23 cents per kWh! This, when the national average is around 12 cents per kWh.

So, what you thought was cheap electricity suddenly easily becomes the most expensive electricity in the country!

But At Pronto Power, You Always Pay the Same Cheapest kWh Rate

With us, you don’t sign a confusing contract that changes how you get billed. In fact, there’s no contract to sign whatsoever.

Instead, you simply prepay for your electricity. You open your account with $19.99. That $19.99 goes only toward the cost of your electricity. It is not a fee or security deposit.

Then, you simply prepay monthly, weekly, or daily – however works for you.

There’s absolutely no hidden fees. No connection fee. No disconnection fee. No estimated charges. No fee from customer service just to do their job and take your payment.

None at all.

Combine that with stellar service, no ID check, and no credit check, and you have absolutely no risk in trying Pronto Power.

To get the cheapest electricity in Texas, simply call 844.621.2852 to join free now – that’s why you’re smart to compare electricity companies!

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